Ultra High Performance Tires – To Give You An Edge

I will start off with some basics information that you need to know about tires. There are three types of tires Winter Tires,  All-season Tires and Summer Tires. There is no tire out there that could perform in all conditions. They do have other types of tires but they normally fall in between these categories. All tires have a rating to let you know how soft or hard the rubber is. They call it a Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG) or tread life rating.

They also have a speed rating. You can go one speed rating lower than what the car manufacturer recommend for vehicle. You can always go higher in the speed rating. If you don’t know your speed rating it would be in the inside of your door or you could get that information from the car manufacturer. This is also good to know because you want a tire that can handle high speeds. They also have a weight index. We have to get the same weight index that is recommended for your vehicle or higher. You can’t go any lower then the recommended weight index.

Winter tires is for low temperature climate. So these tires is for places that get very cold temperatures or a lot of snow. That’s why in some areas the government recommend you to have winter tires for safety. Winter tires normally have a very hard rubber compound to help you get the best traction in the snow or ice. So that means they have a high UTQG rating. These tires not recommended for temperatures above 32 degrees. If you use winter tires in higher-temperature you will ruin the tires quickly.

Another tire is the all-season tire. The all-season tires go by many names such as touring tires, all-season tires, high performance tires, all-season high-performance and some companies do have an ultra-high performance all-season tire. So these tires can run in between 32 degrees up to 90 degrees depending on the manufacturer. These tires are great for everyday use. You can also get the All Season high performance tires that would be good for the track, especially if you don’t go that often. All season tires have a mid UTQG.

There is also the ultra-high performance tires (UHPT) or sticky tires. These tires are mostly for track use. They are also good if you live in a very warm climate like Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, where the temperature is normally from between 80 to like a 110 degree for most of the year. Ultra high performance tires have a very soft rubber compound. That also mean the UTQG is very low on these tires.

What are the pros of ultra-high performance tires?

UHPT have extremely high temperature range. So that means when you’re racing and the tires warm up, the tires get stickier and your car will perform better. So if you’re doing circuit racing with UHPT, it will help you cut down on your lap time give you the address in a competition. And if you’re doing this for drag racing, it will give you better grip off the line so you can have a faster take off.

Ultra high performance tires are excellent for dry and wet traction. In dry weather, I hope you keep the car stable at high speeds to help prevent over steering or under steering. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it can’t happen. If you going too fast you’re going to lose control no matter what. I’m just saying you have better grip with UHPT, so it will help you go a little faster to give you that edge. In wet traction, it will help you from hydroplaning at high speeds. This is great if you’re doing circuit racing. Because it you started racing and you’re at the track, you will still get the performance that you want out of your vehicle. Than having to slow down to too much

What are the cons of ultra-high performance tires.

UHPT do not have a very high tread life. The UTQG is low, that means it has a softer compound so the tire wear down fast. That’s why UHPT have a low mileage warranty or don’t have a mileage warranty at all. TAlso I would recommend not using these tires for my everyday driving. These tires will normally last up to 6 months to a year, when normal all season tires will last 2 to 3 years.

Another issue with ultra-high performance tires is that since these tires are so sticky, they pick up gravel, dirt and anything else that may sticks to the tires. So if you are using them as your daily driving tires they can cause gravel and rocks to chips or scratch the paint on your car as well as damage other driver’s vehicle.

Next issue is with UHPT is that these tires should not be driven in very cold temperatures. If you do, you’re going to get a lot of tire noise and the tires don’t grip very well in cold weather. UHPT grips better at high temperatures and without sufficient heat they don’t grip properly.

To help you make a decision.

Ultra high performance tires are great if you’re doing really aggressive driving or racing events. They will help you get the most out of your vehicle. They are great for wet and dry traction to help you keep control of your vehicle. I recommend these tires if you go to the track a lot and want to get to performance out of a vehicle. If you’re trying to use these tires just to go to the track from time to time or for everyday driving then I wouldn’t recommend using ultra-high performance tires. The main reason I would not recommend them in cases such as this is because you would have to replace the tires more frequently and they are mainly good for warm temperatures. There not an all-season Tire.

If you’re looking for everyday driving with performance, I would recommend going into the All Season high performance tires. They will give you a good performance on the street and they will last longer. If it doesn’t get really cool where you live, you could drive the All Season high performance tires all year round. If you want rating and reviews on different brands of tires, Please click on this link “tire rating charts and reviews“. If you have anything to share or have any questions please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.






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